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Manipulation of the Legal System as an Instrument of Abuse

This blog entry remains timely nearly 9 years after it was first written.

Clergy and potential employers live in blissful ignorance of the fact that “[w]ife and mother are career choices that don’t come with compensation or severance packages or pension plans.”

Anne Caroline Drake

Eagle by Carole May Eagle by Carole May

If you want to make a real difference, become a legal eagle watching over the court system.

We all know that “justice” in the legal system belongs to the affluent and powerful.  But, I think many of you would be shocked to discover how easily the court system can be manipulated as an instrument of abuse.

A rich and powerful man with a well-established professional career can afford to out-litigate a wife who sacrificed her own professional ambitions to care for his home and his children.  A man who never had a second of time for his kids can suddenly discover how easily and effectively a well-funded custody dispute can destroy his estranged wife.  There’s also the refusal to pay child or spousal support.  False allegations of abuse and arrests on false charges can destroy a person’s reputation.  These are just a few of the ways sophisticated, affluent…

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Can We Make This Happen?

W* writes: “I would like to charter a bus to go to Tallahassee for women to testify before the committees on 3 remaining alimony/family bills.

“A bus holds 55-57 people. No driving, No hotels rooms etc. If you work the day before you can sleep on the bus. It would be history-making and unheard of for 57 people to show up and testify for ANY bill.

“These bills are being fast-tracked and we don’t have the luxury of waiting until January. We have to kill it in committee. If you are unfamiliar with the way things work in the legislature you may think that we have time. WE DON’T.

“I can’t afford to charter a bus by myself or I would, but if 57 women went, it would be less than $100 each, and you could even sponsor someone if you are not able to come.

“We have to put our money and energy where our mouths are. If WE cannot sacrifice for this issue, then who will? For one day, $100 is a small sacrifice. The cost of each person will probably be less (approxmately $80) but I left wiggle room.

“I am researching and contacting charter bus companies now. I am working out the details now. CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? IT IS NOT THAT COMPLICATED.”

Several Moms in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and the surrounding areas commented that they would like to go.

At wits’ end

H* writes: “Just need to rant for a second…I’m so ready to give up, there is simply no justice in the family court system! My abuser shares 50/50 custody and decision making of our 2 children with me, we have been divorced for over 3 years. He has been in contempt of EVERYTHING since the ink dried, he however can legally continue to abuse me and our children with NO consequences.

“He has taken me back to court numerous times for frivolous motions and modifications, we just had another trial on Thursday that was to be a full day but ended up being a half day. I thought this was going to finally be over, nope…continued until January, 2 more months! I just can’t take anymore, my children can’t take anymore, my health can’t take anymore, I can’t afford this financially or emotionally.”

OMG how many of us ARE there???

I’m just seeing comments from new people EVERYWHERE, saying to myself, UNBELIEVABLE….

Just wanted to let you know that all those news items I used to post to this group I’ve been posting to our MSNBC sister newsgroup. When you get brave enough and you want the world to see you (or at least MSNBC), please consider clicking on the link below. Create a profile, and comment on a few of the 40+ stories I’ve posted to the group so far… or at least, vote them up. Until we get a journalist or major news network involved, THAT is how we will get exposure!

Thanks. Hope you all had an AMAZING Halloween!

Style over substance…

M* posts: “I tried to report that my children had been molested by the foster home that they stayed in on 7 different occasions. Not one time was I taken seriously because I was angry and crying.

“I was told that I wasn’t taken seriously because of the way I say things, not because of what I am saying. I think this is discrimination, isn’t it?”

Actually, the same thing happened when I went to Utah to report that my daughter had been molested while on parent time with her father. I didn’t say HE did it. We are required by law to report child molestation, and I presented an affidavit of a witness.

However, the Commissioner ignored what I had filed because he said my papers had been filed incorrectly, and that non-lawyers were held to the same standard as lawyers in the courtroom because lawyers deserve to be paid for their work. So, instead of investigating my allegations of neglect and endangerment and considering my petition to modify parent time, the Commissioner dismissed my case on a technicality.


Should Men be Allowed?

If anyone is concerned about new members, first check who added them and go to the person directly.

I have added a couple of men who are in the Gynarchy movement and they believe women are Divine and superior to men. They happen to BE men. Do not freak out, please! They are here to learn and grieve with us.

When NOT to go to Court

I have a question for N* concerning when it’s appropriate for someone to NOT show up to their court hearing…

When someone from, say, Wisconsin, is ordered to show up in Georgia for a custody hearing, and it’s a foregone conclusion that the woman will be put in jail for an undisclosed period of time, do you still recommend the person show up for incarceration? Keep in mind, these charges are trumped up and falsified, generally speaking, and the Judges aren’t letting the women defend themselves.

Or, for example, someone who’s been granted asylum in Canada is ordered to come down for a hearing in Illinois and she knows she’ll be arrested and jailed just for showing up? Do you recommend she show up at the hearing anyway?

There is a formula here. It’s an effective Mousetrap for Moms, and I just want to know your professional opinion, N*.

Worse than having cancer

S* writes: “My story that one day my son will be able to tell how he saved me to be a mother to him and to his 3 older siblings and I saved him, because the gift of life is far more precious than we all could ever imagine!

“Losing my 3 older kids is way worse than the sickness and surgeries from the cancer. I’ve been cancer free since 2013!”

S* is an amazing human being! At the time she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told to abort her baby or her own life would be at risk, but she made the choice to carry her child full-term while she was fighting for her own life!

Mothers give so much to their children and to the societies the children create as they grow. Don’t we deserve to be blessed with good health? Certainly our children wish that for us. Moms who have their children abducted, who are accused falsely in family court and punished unjustly are subjected to tremendous physical and mental stress. My own kidneys have been failing since 2011, and a month after my own daughter was abducted, I had to have a perfectly good tooth pulled because my gums were inflamed. So many other mothers being mauled by abusive ex husbands in court have likewise suffered declining health.

BRIEF UPDATE: After having her 13-year-old daughter removed from her home and given by the judge in her case to an ex-boyfriend who is NOT a blood relative, S* is now struggling with Parkinson’s Disease.

Is Matriarchy the Answer?

One of our newer, more controversial members of JSM, D*, asked me to post for him. He begins by saying, “The majority of people online and in Real Life appear to be fake or in denial. Very few are honest and genuine. Anyone would be SO lucky to find someone to have a relationship with who is prepared to be truthful and sincere.

“Though I am a product of a male-dominated society, I am a disciple of Femdom. As such, I accept Women to be superior, much more intelligent than Men with a nature closer to God. I firmly believe a world ruled by women would be a better world than the one we live in now, more peaceful and harmonious. I worship and admire the Female gender, as does the Dalai Lama (please see the attached link).

“Once I read somewhere about the theory of Matriarchy or Gynarchy. Most fetishes about domination stem from desire to return to Woman. Even punishment gives men the sense of security and pleasure as they are safe in her authority. Spanking, slavery, humiliation, woman–intimidation, domination from a female remind a male when he was small and his Mother or Teacher was big. He was afraid. Afraid to be punished, afraid to lose her love. Hundreds of other situations play into this. I have read and agreed that the Women out here making a difference are amazing. We’re simply their supportive people. We were all brought up in the patriarchy.

“It’s still there, but Women’s rights have evolved, their place in society has been upgraded and they are realizing that they hold the key to their Matriarchy. The wonderful Women we see here are the visionaries of a movement that will be realized, but it is a long, slow, painful process. You need men just like us to share the wonderful message of Gynarchy or Matriarchy. Women are without a doubt the superior sex; they are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, wiser, cleverer, more articulate, better educated, better informed, better manipulators, are so much more attractive than men, have lovely silky smooth skin, beautiful hair, their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours, their clothing is far better than ours. In other words they are ‘Perfection,’ and therefore, deserve to be kept continually in a state of idle luxury, at our expense. We males should realize that we are only here to be used by women for their pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement. To do all the housework, cleaning cooking, shopping, etc., and thereby enable our owners to enjoy a life of comparative ease, whilst at the same time exercising complete and total authority over a member of the inferior sex.

“Any male who a woman chooses to use as her slave should consider it an honor to have been selected by her. In fact, he should worship her as the Goddess she is. We males are so abysmal that we are not worthy to lick the dirt off their boots. When however, one of us is chosen to be used by a woman. Then he knows that he has been considered worthy to shine her boots.”

D* has spent considerable time researching these questions:
Why is religion needed?
What constitutes religion?
What is spirituality?
What is human soul?
How is a soul born?
What constitutes organism of human soul?
Is the soul under the universal law of change?
What are soul diseases?
What is the effect of disease on the soul?
What is the degradation of human soul?
What is the relationship of the body and the soul?
Who builds the human body?
What after death?
Why do we need a Guru or a personal Spiritual Guide?
What are the essentials of a Guru?
What is Goddess?
What forces go to make Goddess ?
What is the spiritual difference between man and Goddess ?
What is required to make a bond with Goddess ?
What makes soul stronger and live longer?
He says he read that if a man truly devotes himself to any Woman and obey her as his Goddess then good things happen in his real life.

“I have read and learnt that Gynarchy or Matriarchy is need now before the stupid males destroy the world. Just Matriarchy can save the world. All the power to the Women to rule the world as they want and we should accept that we are Their pack animals to carry the physical work and the men should learn how to obey, serve and worship Them as They want. Women are the new Goddesses of the XXI century. The total Female domination in the world, the only thing that would save humanity from the decline, and is the only system that is viable.”

Thanks, D*, for your unique perspective on the male/female dynamic.

Insufficient Indication of Judicial Misconduct

Heard from both states’ Judicial Conduct commissions today as I’m working on my next Filing… some of you might find it oddly coincidental and ironic.

New York says “[We have] concluded that there was insufficient indication of judicial misconduct to justify judicial discipline [and we have dismissed your complaint].” The proof I sent them is in our Files in this group, marked parts 1-3. Those of you who have read it seem to agree that the judge in my case CLEARLY did not follow the law or abide by courtroom procedure.

The kids in the chatrooms today don’t say “uh – oh” they say “O.o

O.o I think my SKIN is turning blue! O.o

I have gotten a certified copy of my Judge’s oath today from county records for the price of a second-run movie on a peak night ($5). I will post this instruction to everyone who has joined a State PM Coalition. If you have not yet joined, please speak to M* or J*. You might be able to save yourself $5 and contribute to the effort of getting these judges removed.

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