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What Budget?!?

We have a competent mayor in Thomas S. Richards, who worked for over 20 years as a civil litigator and in management at RG&E before taking public office. Let me begin by saying he has my full confidence and support in his leadership role, and I completely agree with his assessment that we need a “complete financial overhaul” of our budget. Let’s begin by cutting the salaries of the misguided children we’ve got masquerading as our City Court Judges.

Just kidding, today’s post isn’t really about that. It’s about money coming in to our city from a national charity, The Untied Wig. Last week, after I called my contact at that council that helps landlords and tenants alike, I called the charity that publicly funds them to get their budget cut. I must say I’m pretty annoyed that a bunch of people are paid to sit in chairs someplace waiting for me to call so they can give me bogus and outdated information. And just think, they’ve done it for at least the past four years that I’ve been a landlord. I’d rather have no information at all. Wouldn’t you? And it would be such a waste of taxpayer dollars, wherever they come from. So I called up the people at The Untied Wig to complain. I talked to a wonderful woman with the sweetest disposition who is also paid, let’s face it, to warm a chair. And when she answered the phone, I thought I’d called Disneyland.

Glinda the good witch was so helpful and encouraging. A great listener, I must say; I got a lot off my chest. She offered me all sorts of contacts, and she even told me about 2-1-1 and 3-1-1. She gave me enough phone numbers to keep me chasing Toto’s tail for an entire month. Just click your heels together three times and repeat: There’s no place like home!

She didn’t tell me when the Wig was planning to review the objectives this Council was supposed to meet so they could decide whether THEIR budget should be cut, but I learned that The Untied Wig also funds Legal Aid. Wow. It took about 24 hours for my head to stop spinning, but I managed to get her assistant on the phone the next day.

“You wouldn’t fund cock-fights and dogfights,” I said, “so why are you funding two sides to fight against each other in City Court?” I guess the Wig has more money than sense, enough money to play havoc with our local economy.

So really, the purpose of today’s post is to help Mayor Richards with his budget overhaul. The problem with accepting funds from a national charity is that they mess up the budget. When you go begging for any reason, there’s no way to predict what you will get, so you can’t draw up a budget. It’s as simple as that. You can’t control your spending when you can’t draw up a budget.

Get that untied wig the hell out of our city! If we can’t pay Legal Aid attorneys enough to represent deadbeat tenants out of our own tax dollars, maybe they ought to start paying rent. (God bless you, Mayor Richards, I hope you’re reading this.)


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One thought on “What Budget?!?

  1. Mary D'Alessandro on said:

    Send him this as an e mail. It would be more of a cost savings to get rid of the incompetent city inspectors that break the law everyday by doing c of o ‘s that have been declared unconstitutional. One of your stories talked about doing work for free . In Rochester, we pay city inspectors 84k a year. I just might go apply. At least I know the codes .

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