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Three Little Monkeys

Here are two bedtime stories I made up for my daughter over a year or two ago about three beanbag monkeys she had. She named them herself, and I went with the names she gave me. Their names were Boo-boo, Bobo and Wu.

Boo-boo and Bobo looked just alike, and they were twins. They had big round eyes and matching shocks of red hair rising up off their foreheads. Wu was white. He was their adopted brother. They all lived together in the jungle in a three-sided house with a door on the front. Boo-boo did all the cooking in a pot behind the house because the house itself was so small. But it kept out the rain, for the most part. So the three little monkeys were very happy living in their house in the jungle and having adventures. One day, Wu’s mother came to see how her son was doing so far away from home. She was a beautiful white gorilla who lived in the mountains, and she didn’t know the jungle very well at all. So when she got to the three-sided house, she knocked on the door. Boo-boo was in the back cooking, and called out, “Bobo, get the door.” So Bobo went to the door to find out who was knocking. Parting the reeds a little bit, he peered out.

“Who’s there?” he said, through the reeds. “Hello,” said the large white gorilla pleasantly, “is Wu there? I’m his mother.”

Boo-boo wasn’t a very patient little monkey, but he knew he couldn’t leave his cooking pot or dinner would burn, so he called out to his brother Bobo: “Who’s at the door?”

“Somebody’s mother,” said Bobo, who couldn’t hear very well. “Whose mother?” asked Boo-boo. “Yes, I think so,” answered Bobo. “You think what?” hollered Boo-boo. “It’s Wu’s mother,” said Bobo. “Whose mother?” asked Boo-boo. “Yes, that’s exactly right,” answered Bobo turning back toward the door. “Just a minute, I’ll get him,” Bobo said to Wu’s mother. “That’s not funny!” muttered Boo-boo at the cooking pot, and rushed to the door, just as Bobo was turning around to go look for Wu.

The twins collided with the sound of two coconuts knocking together, and fell on the ground. Annoyed and grumbling, Boo-boo and Bobo pulled each other up off the ground and dusted themselves off. Bobo took off past the cooking pot and went to the nearest tree to look for Wu. Boo-boo and Bobo were very close, but they tended to have such loud quarrels that Wu would climb a nearby tree for peace and quiet, and then fall asleep! Boo-boo went to the door to peer between the reeds to see whose mother was waiting outside, but he wasn’t quite tall enough. So, instead he called out, “are you somebody’s mother?”

“Why, yes I am,” answered the white gorilla. “And who are you?”

“No, I’m not Wu, I’m Boo!” said Boo-boo. “Oh, my!” said the white gorilla, clearing her throat. She had never met Wu’s friends. “Boo who?” she asked.

And Boo-boo, who got his name because he was an overly sensitive monkey, began to cry. “What’s wrong?” asked Bobo, who had just returned with Wu. But Boo-boo couldn’t stop crying. “Somebody’s mother can’t get in and she’s outside crying,” sobbed Boo-boo, which wasn’t true at all. The other two monkeys started to cry. Then Wu stopped. “Why is everyone crying?” he wanted to know. “Because somebody’s mother is waiting outside the door and no one will let her in,” sobbed Bobo. “Well, whose mother is it?” asked Wu. The big white gorilla heard all the little monkeys crying and came around the back of the three-sided house.

“MOMMY!” yelled Wu and stopped crying immediately. He ran, leaping into her long hairy arms. She gave him a big hug! The twins blinked and dried their eyes. “Oh well, the mystery is solved,” said Bobo happily. “That’s wonderful!” But the contents of the pot had burned, and when Boo-boo realized dinner was ruined, he started crying piteously all over again, and Bobo started crying, too.

“Aw! Silly little monkeys,” said Wu’s lovely mother, reaching her long white hairy arms around Boo-boo and Bobo, too. “I’ll make dinner tonight!” And so she did, and it was the most delectable meal the three little monkeys had ever tasted!


The Vacation

Boo-boo, Bobo and Wu were three little monkeys who lived together in the jungle in a three-sided house, and they were very happy together. But one day, Bobo got bored and wanted to see what life was like somewhere else. Boo-boo didn’t want things to change too much, and he wasn’t sure he liked the idea of leaving his cooking pot and his three-sided house. So Boo-boo and Bobo argued about it, as usual, until Wu stepped in to make a suggestion.

“We don’t have to leave permanently,” Wu suggested to the twins. “We could all go away together and come back after awhile. We could take a trip. It would be like a vacation!”

“Yes, that’s exactly right!” said Bobo, who sometimes needed help expressing himself. “We could go away, and come back.”

“Could we all go together?” asked Boo-boo. Bobo thought about it a few moments. “Yes, let’s all go on vacation together. That would be fun!” he said. Before long, the three little monkeys were talking excitedly about rivers and sunny plains and strange birds and animals they had heard about from their mothers but had never seen. And they began making plans to go and see all these things. Then a thought occurred to Boo-boo: “Who’s going to stay behind and watch my cooking pot so it doesn’t get lonely?” Bobo frowned his big round eyes. “Silly Boo-boo! Cooking pots don’t get lonely.”

“Yes, but what if a capybara finds it and thinks it’s a helmet?” said Wu. The twins fell silent thinking about a creature they didn’t know hefting their cooking pot onto its head and lumbering away. Going on vacation didn’t seem like a good idea anymore, until Wu came up with a plan. “Let’s fasten the door so no one can get in when we’re not here.” The three little monkeys looked for twigs and bits of vine all over the jungle floor, which they used to tie the door securely in its frame, and they would run around the back of the house to test the strength of their homemade lock from both sides.

It was an awful lot of fun, and when they were through, the door looked a lot like a tangled mess of branches and not much like a door at all. It wouldn’t budge even with two monkeys pushing it from one side while the other one tugged and tugged from the other! Each of the monkeys would take a break from pushing to run around to the front of the house to pull. Finally, the three little monkeys were satisfied the door wouldn’t open no matter what, and they all collapsed in a heap. They all looked at each other, and slowly they realized something truly awful!

They realized they had gotten into their own house without opening the door. Bobo sat up and patted his head. Boo-boo rolled over and scratched his chin. Everyone was frowning. “How will we EVER go on vacation?” moaned Wu, rubbing his eyes. Just then, he saw a big white hairy shape coming toward him through the jungle! He knew who it was right away.

“MOMMY!” yelled Wu. It was Wu’s lovely mother. She reached out her long hairy arms and swept him all up and kissed him. “What are YOU doing in the jungle, Mommy?” asked Wu.

Wu’s mother pouted. “Well, I got tired of the mountain where I lived,” she explained, “and I thought it might be kind of nice to visit the jungle again! So, I’m here on vacation.” Boo-boo and Bobo looked at each other. Then they looked at Wu’s mother.

“We were about to go on vacation, too!” exclaimed Boo-boo. “Yes,” said Bobo, “but we need someone to watch our house for us. Would you?” Wu’s mother thought about it for a moment. “Why, certainly!” she said. The three little monkeys leapt into the air for joy. “Yay!” said Wu. “Now we can leave on our trip!” Boo-boo ran up to Wu’s mother and gave her a great big kiss. “Thank you, thank you!” he told her. “Now I KNOW my cooking pot won’t be lonely!” And the three monkeys smiled broadly at Wu’s mother before they dashed madly off into the jungle to see what new adventures awaited them away from home.


Copyright © 2012 Valerie K. Lazarus All rights reserved.


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