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Reality TV Meets Presidential Debates

I watched the debate last night, but I have to say I was nervous. Nervous because I know I see things differently than most people. Nervous because I’m a film school student and many of my teachers just don’t get me.

I really felt Barack Obama won the first debate, even though he was difficult to listen to. I hung on his every word and I feel I understood what he was trying to say. As someone who wants to participate in the making of media and the transmission of media messages, I’m always interested in how a message comes across: in one word, that’s called “spin”. It bothers me when people get spun a different way than was intended, especially if the content is there and it’s quality.

In the language of television, which I’ve studied, you don’t score points unless you throw a pie in someone’s face. Our GOP challenger continued his mugging for the 3rd debate until finally they shut off his camera. I don’t think the Oval Office was custom fitted for a man who expects to snap his fingers and get everything he wants on a silver platter. I could barely watch the debate last night because I wasn’t sure if my guy was winning or losing.

What bothers me the most is whether the undecided voters were waiting for someone to come out and hand one of the candidates a rose, or if they were lost looking for the Survivor channel. In the virtual world we live in today, it’s so hard to know what is real. All I know is, since Barack Obama got elected President, I’ve felt for the first time that this is my country, that government includes me, that decisions are made based on what might make me healthier and more prosperous in the years to come, even though I’m part of the 47% or the 99% or whatever.

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As a special treat for everyone who clicks on this post now that the elections are over and we’ve truly picked a winner, I’ve attached links to the following YouTube spoofs of our 2012 election season:

Mitt Romney style (Gangnam style)
321 Fight (video game version of the debates)
Epic Rap Battles of History


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