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What’s Up with my Family Court Situation

Some of you knew I had an appointment with an Appeals lawyer today (much as I can afford to keep paying new lawyers!) because my daughter was abducted back in June and various judges keep throwing out my petition for her return, etc.

The white-haired guy stared prune-faced at me and said I really should have gone out to Utah regardless of being afraid they would put me in jail or not. That was my mistake, he said. I told him I DID go out and I DID get put in jail. He said, “OK well you can’t assume that; you have to ALWAYS do what they tell you.” He said my case for getting my daughter back is now at an extreme disadvantage because she’s out of state now and won’t get a lawyer for the child appointed. He wanted to have my NY lawyer call him. My UT lawyer already withdrew last month, and I understand he pretty much had to so the Commissioner wouldn’t “use him to paint me into a corner” (now they have to get out-of-state process service to serve me with an arrest warrant or whatever).

* * * *
Just now I got an email from my current NY lawyer, who’s been working pro bono since February and is about to leave on vacation. She said the Appellate Court did not grant the stay, meaning they’re not going to force my ex to bring my daughter back. Bad news for Nancy. I guess she’s not going to School of the Arts this fall.

So my game is over, guys. No more family. Now, all I’ve got is YOU!


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