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The Kelly Rutherford international custody battle

This is just such an incredible, absolutely unfathomable tragedy. Most of us aren’t out there in full view of the public being dehumanized like SHE is, being made into the “bad, crazy mother” who is breaking the law and keeping her kids from their dad. I’m posting THIS because she deserves a voice. I wish our group could be her voice, at least until a better platform comes along.

Do not let “people” (a/k/a Fathers’ Rights, or THEM, or however you wish to refer to them) make you appear “dangerous” or “criminal” or “imbalanced” or “mentally ill” or “defective” so that ultimately you do NOT get your children back. Do NOT be forced into trading away your integrity to get custody of your children. When you do this, you hurt ALL WOMEN and you take away all our voices just a little bit. It’s harder to stand up and fight, but that’s why we’re together now. No longer every woman out for herself to get whatever scraps THEY think we deserve….


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