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Status update for E*

A friend of E* posted: “Her court hearing is over for today. She applied for a public defender and was denied. Her appeal on the charges is scheduled for Aug. 25 at 10 am Room ## with a different judge.”

This is an excerpt from an advocate for her in the courtroom this morning. “There will be a bench trial (in front of the judge) on Aug. 25 in which her appeal will be heard. Not sure about the sentence but her ex husband’s lawyer will be present at the appeal. She must NOT have more ammunition to use against E*. This means no media sharing or contacting. This a sound rule of thumb in any situation because you do not want to give your enemy more power. Today, the judge told E* she had the ‘right’ to be silent.”

One of her other “friends” said to me personally: “Please, please, no more public postings. The Go-Fund posting will remain up.”

I am so THOROUGHLY rattled by people telling E* that somehow TELLING SOMEONE people are oppressing you and abusing your child is giving your ex-husband ammunition, that I have edited this update several times because it JUST DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT to me. Your thoughts?


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