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Alternate Universe for moms in the justice system

It’s really unfortunate that we seem to live in an alternate universe with most moms. The ones who are allowed to mother their children could never IMAGINE what we go through on a daily basis.

They secretly feel like WE’RE to blame for what happened to us in life. The only thing I can compare this to is the men that came to Jesus and asked him, “Who sinned that this man was born blind?”

E* didn’t do ANYTHING to deserve what she’s going through right now. None of her friends will EVER understand why she isn’t being allowed to protect her daughter. But I can promise you as surely as I know ALL OF YOU in this group with me are going through what she is going through RIGHT NOW… ask yourselves how you would feel if everyone was telling you to just Be Quiet and take everything back and maybe the nice judge will let you out of jail? Do you want that? Do you think E* needs that?


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