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The Dark Ages of Womankind

I started JSM on July 8 as an Activist group. Now that the time has come to do something for someone who cannot speak for herself, I am catching crap about it from A WHOLE LOT OF MOMS.

I want to make phone calls, and I get backtalk from a mom who didn’t want to do it anyway. She comes at me with 20 questions. NO! I don’t need that in my Group. Another mom wants to do it HER way. NO! We are doing this TOGETHER. Some people on here don’t want to read the law. WRONG! You will READ. We are living in the Dark Ages of Womankind here in this country. One of my moms goes to jail, and a bunch of her friends start telling everyone to “hush it up and do what’s best for E*.”

So on Sunday night, I’m deleting this group. We’re either going to argue about what to do and get a bunch of your little girlfriends to “agree” with you that I’m full of shit or a dictator or a Narc or something like that, or we’re going to act on behalf of those who trust me to act. And after Sunday night, there will be NO MORE ARGUING.

If you want me to continue the group, you will Download the cover photo of E* and her 4-year-old daughter from my Wall and post it as your Cover photo for the week with it set to Public. Everyone who is willing to do that, comment below in this Post. I will help you if you need help.

Everyone who is NOT willing to do this, I will delete you from the Group. Period. Enough nonsense!


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