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The games begin

Got a package my daughter sent me today. She changed her name the day he abducted her. Her dad thinks that means something ELSE, but it’s part of a hiding technique she and I came up with before he took her.

I got a call from her dad, oddly enough, on my voicemail while I was at the SSI office… he mumbles a lot and he’s asking me to send her “her stuff” especially her computer (which she insisted I NOT send her).

So her reaction threw him off-balance. Good!

I returned her dad’s phone call last night (STATUS UPDATE) because in his message he said he was expecting me to ignore his phone call “like usual” (he’s such a narcissist). I wasn’t ignoring it, I simply wasn’t home. When I called him back, I got his voicemail as usual, so I left a pre-scripted message. It was pretty fast, but he’ll have to listen to more of it before he deletes it (assuming he doesn’t have the guts to face the truth).


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