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Protocol for members and adding new ones

OK everyone: I have guys friend requesting me who are friends of several members in this group. I am EVER SO TEMPTED to add them to our group… but something stops me.

I’m sure these guys are real people, and I believe we need guys to be aware of what we’re going through. But I don’t want to violate the trust of anyone in here.

On one or two occasions, I’ve had members of this group post crazy stuff like “We have an infiltrator in our group” or “Trolls about” or other dumb stuff. I was able to investigate this issue pretty quickly, and found in both cases that not ONLY was it groundless, but the person writing these things was jumpy because of something that was either happening on their own Wall or a different group. This is simply irresponsible behavior.

The issues we’re going through are causing everyone stress, and to me I feel like remarks like these are equal to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater to watch the stampede. The next person who acts irresponsibly in this manner, rather than going to an Admin in a PM will be banned from the group.


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