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No longer her mother

Yesterday, I called my daughter’s new school and spoke to her Guidance Counselor. I requested that the woman add my name, address and phone number to my daughter’s contact information. She told me to do it myself and then almost gave me the login and password for their online site. Then she stopped and said she would have to review “the Court order.” I told her I was just giving her my information so they would have it.

She sounded concerned that my ex husband hadn’t added an Emergency contact for my daughter. She mentioned it 3 times. I found it odd, since he has several family members living in the immediate area. His parents, who he’s crashing with, first of all (where our child is living). Secondly, his grandmother, who lives within walking distance of the school. Third, there’s his sister, along with at least two aunts living in the area. So I called the school back today with the grandmother’s address, but she wouldn’t take it.

What do you think about there being no Emergency contact information in my daughter’s school file, and my not being allowed to know where she is or have any contact with her? Is this the beginning of a missing person case, or what?


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