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Putting Them to the Test

W* writes: “Hello Everyone:

“I just got off the phone with Francisco-Javier P. Digon-Greer, Esq. Assistant Director, Programs Division Florida Bar Administrator to the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice The Florida Bar. I am demanding the Commission create a subcommittee composed of the people it was designed to help.

“Of course he gave me the brush-off, along the lines of ‘the Commission was created and the members appointed by Florida Supreme Court blah, blah, blah…’

“After thinking about this Commission, it occurred to me: We actually need a member on the Commission reflecting the demographic it was created to serve, in addition to a subcommittee. In my brain, this equates to having the NAACP without black people, the National Organization for Women (NOW) with no female members, or a fathers’ rights advocacy group without fathers. In my brain it simply doesn’t match.

“I am like a kid full of questions! WHY? WHY? WHY?

“We have to take the limited opportunities we are given and use them to our advantage. I personally think the Commission is a Public Relations move to convey they are doing something. Being busy is not the same thing as being productive. The skeptic in me thinks this Commission only exists to give the impression something is being done and probably a way to justify spending some tax dollars.

“I have not tracked how this Commission is funded because I have been busy requesting they create a subcommittee. (HINT, HINT: if someone wants to volunteer and do a post about where funding is coming from, it would be great.) We all understand looking ‘busy’ when we are supposed to be working: let’s find out if this Commission is just ‘looking busy.’

“I need everyone to email this Commission and advocate for the creation of a subcommittee and a board member who reflects its target demographic. This is our opportunity to create policy and procedures without going through partisan drama.

“LETS MAKE A DOLLAR OUT OF 15 CENTS. I mean: lets make sure this Commission is productive and doing what it was created to do, as opposed to being just one more PR stunt to convey the fallacy someone is working to solve HUGE problems present in civil courts a/k/a family courts.

“If you are unaware or have no direct knowledge of the HUGE problems present in family courts, you are blessed and I hope you will never have to personally experience the circus of the family court system. But do a quick Google search, and you will learn how huge of a problem it is in Florida and the entire United States.

“PM/email/call me if you want to put in work and organize to bring about changes.”

One mom asked if it matters what state we’re from, and W* answered: “Actually, 36 or 38 states presently have a similar Commission, but as I stated, I think they are designed to be PR stunts on the part of the various Bar Associations. Getting a subcommittee and a member on the actual Commission is HUGE and would really change things. There is no one action that will fix the system, but multiple actions that correct portions. This is one area where we can really make a difference!”


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