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Closed mouths don’t get fed

W* writes: “Good Afternoon Everyone:

“I have been following Florida’s Commission on Florida Access to Civil Justice and letting everyone know about the Commission. Yesterday I posted I would attempt to connect with Mr. Gregory W. Coleman who is filling in for Chief Justice Labarga. I did go to Mr. Coleman’s office today and he was very polite and informed me he could not meet with me today because he was preparing to go to Tampa for the Commission meeting tomorrow. Mr. Coleman did agree to meet with me tomorrow in Tampa.

“I will advocate for the creation of a subcommittee composed of low- to middle-income litigants that desire to participate in a process to fix problems that directly affect them, incorporating real world experience that no present member of the Commission has directly experienced. I am hoping that he agrees or presents my request to other Commission members and they agree to my request. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

“Commissions in other states may have 3 members or more so, to my knowledge, there is no set rule that the Commission cannot add members. What harm could it do to ask? California has a Commission and has HUGE civil court problems and other states. I think adding non-attorney/judge members reflective of the people the Commission was created to help will actually bring a very important missing component.

“I will let you know how everything turns out tomorrow or Saturday depending on what time I return. It is a 3-3.5 hour drive.”

In the comments, other moms suggested W* bring clergy with her to Tampa, mothers who have suffered domestic violence, or one of our radio hosts that we know. Next time.


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