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No visitation for Mom

G* writes: “Didn’t get to Skype with the kids AGAIN tonight. I asked to Skype, and there is no response… I did get to speak on the phone. I asked kids why, they said they don’t know. I asked them to ask, and they are afraid they will get grounded, for asking…and they are probably right, so I did not ask further.

“Of course it is NOT court-mandated, so blah-blah-blah… whatever. It’s always something, and then it’s something else.”

How many of our children are discouraged by their dads from contacting us? Since my daughter was abducted, and in the 5 months since, she’s been allowed to talk to me on the phone 3 times. That’s it. And I’m not allowed to see her EVER AGAIN. The court order says so. No reason.


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