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Why is the UCCJEA not adhered to?

W* writes: “Someone reached out to me or vice versa; I am not sure which one, but that person gave me a great suggestion: We need a family court ‘Bill of Rights.’

“I don’t have all the solutions, but multiple brains working together should be able to come up with everything that is needed. This is an opportunity to use our experiences to make changes. I am not sure what will become of the ‘Family Court Bill of Rights,’ but it seems like a start in the right direction. ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!”

The problem is, many of us have BEEN to the law libraries and we KNOW that what is happening in Court is patently unfair and unjust.

R* answers: “They have rules but no one seems to follow them anymore. Judges have immunity no matter what. My point is is when they break these rules and they step outside that box, why aren’t they held accountable for their actions? There are statutes and rules for a reason.

“These court professionals are not God! They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. I don’t understand how this injustice has been allowed for so long. The sooner these people are held accountable, the sooner things will change.”



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