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Can good works get you into Heaven? – Sunday Message

I thought it would be good to start today’s Message with that question. Duh, the answer is “No, you can’t earn Salvation.” We’ve all heard this, I’m sure. However, the Apostle James tells us: “Show me your faith WITHOUT your works and I’ll show you My Faith BY my works.”

I personally come from a Saxon background. Even though my dad was an Atheist, my neighborhood was Lutheran, and I went to Bible camp and participated in Christmas and Easter pageants at church and everything else. Several Sundays ago, I talked about the cultural significance of religion in our daily lives and in our families, how we’re influenced by the Protestant Work Ethic, how in many ways it has become the fabric of our society regardless of what you or I personally thinks about God.

I guess that’s why, when I finally lost custody of my daughter, I “put my shoulder to the Wheel,” as they say, and tried to look at what I could do for others. There is nothing more I can do for myself; now, who ELSE can I help? And the first thing I wanted to do for other Moms was give them a voice, since I felt as though the American legal system had taken mine away. And since this group was formed in July, I have thrown my whole weight into moving this Wheel forward for you and me and for our kids.

Today, we examined Hebrews 11:1 which says “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I can clearly see, as though it were happening in front of my face, my daughter going to School of the Arts. I can see her on the steps just as if her father had never taken her away. This is not reality, but it is my persistent inexplicable faith that I will get her back. And, I keep struggling with this Wheel!

There has been significant progress. We did the Postcard project. Many moms in our group got a response back from Dr. Phil. This group is full of radio personalities and authors and we even have a member who is running for Senate in California! Best of all, we now have calendar Events, which was my main goal for this group when I first created it nearly 3 months ago. Currently, we have more than 10 Events scheduled, having started in August, and I expect in a group that has more than 600 members, we will soon be glutted with requests to schedule them. And it is time consuming and painstaking work putting an Event together correctly so we can all advocate for each Mom on her day in court so we can be sure she gets what she needs.

There are four steps to setting up a court Event for a Mom who is a member of this group. I cannot delegate Steps 2 & 3, which involve adding and editing content and coming up with a Script that details specific offenses committed by judges and other court personnel against the Moms for whom we advocate. Step 4 I already delegated at our last Event because I was at work. This involves monitoring Moms calling in to advocate and finding out who is getting through and what is the response, whether the phone numbers are working, etc. Anyone can help with that, preferably Admins.

Only Admins can help with Step 1, and it is simple to do. All you need is to find out the Name of the Event, its Location, the Date and the Time. Add me and the name of the person the event is for as Hosts. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it takes 5 minutes. If you have all the information, it takes roughly 90 seconds, and you’re done! I will know the Event is ready for Step 2 because I will see your Profile Pic as the image for that Event. That will tell me it is ready for adding content.

Moms who have a court hearing coming up, you can help CONSIDERABLY by giving this information at the time you request an Event. I want to do events for ALL moms in this group. I don’t want ANYONE to miss out. But I need help!


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