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Good men exist!

S* writes: “This is for all the ladies in this group who, like me, thought ALL hope is lost in love. I KNOW it’s hard now, but God will send you someone to walk with you through this Hell on Earth!

“My only husband was sent to jail for 15 days last year, and weeping, I had to bring him there. He told me, ‘Babe, I can make it in here. You can’t. God sent me for a reason.’ Mothers, for us it is like Job in the Bible, with God telling Satan ‘take ALL they have but spare their lives.’ My husband got sent to jail because my judge, like Satan, hated that while on the stand he calmly testified about the domestic violence my children and I suffered at the hands of my ex boyfriend.

“See? There are men who are NOT abusers, and who care for women!”

I have to say that I also have a good man in MY life, who cooks for me and washes my dishes and helps me with housework and fixes things that break and reminds me of my blessings when I feel sad and helps me hold my life together! Without men like THIS, where would we be?


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