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Federal Trafficking update

I guess I just assumed everyone already knew this because I posted Federal Trafficking laws up back in July. But here is a post I drafted up at someone’s request in another group. I’m going to put it here, as well:

Someone needs to let President Obama know that the Fathers’ Rights Initiative promotes human trafficking and runs contrary to federal statutes.
Denying child support to force a woman to provide free childcare to her own or other offspring is human trafficking. It’s forcing women to work for free. How many of you were told by the fathers of your children, “why should I pay child support to you when I could hire a Governess for cheaper and our daughter could live in MY home? Or, heck, I could marry a Mexican woman or some Latina and she’d be so happy to be an American citizen she’d watch our daughter for free.” My active duty soldier ex husband said those very words to me, and they are the definition of human trafficking.
* * * *
Human trafficking does not refer solely to sexual exploitation of women and children, but often our young daughters and sons live with their fathers in a condition of perpetual statutory rape. This practice can now be Court-mandated at the local level, thanks to President Obama’s sponsorship and funding of Fathers’ Rights Initiatives at the federal level.


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