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3 Month Anniversary Update

Member Moms—roughly 12 hours ago to the minute is exactly 3 calendar months from the day I created JSM. I just want to take a minute to acknowledge how far we’ve come from that day.

I myself am told that I’ve changed a lot. I’ve calmed down quite a bit since finding out there are so many women who share my circumstance of losing a child in a rigged family court system. I look back at my dreams and goals for this group, including the fulfillment of ideas others have suggested to me over the past 12 weeks. Here is our progress to-date:

1) Since mid-August, we have done phone-in events for Moms in over their heads in a system where they just can’t seem to win or make any headway. Phone calls to court houses all over this country on the day of a hearing have the effect of making a judge stop and consider: Am I breaking the law? That is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing a judge can understand before s/he takes up the gavel in any of our cases: first, that specific laws on the books are being violated, and second, that people ALL OVER the United States are aware of how these judges are ruling.

2) Someone suggested to me that we divide up into regional groups where moms in a specific area can sit in the court room during other moms’ hearings. I took it a step further and recently I’ve been trying to determine which states are represented in this group and where we need more representation. The results are that, over this past week I have formed 17 state coalitions to demand accountability. Organizing by state forces accountability by stressing laws specific to that state and focusing on how and where and in what manner these laws are being broken—by JUDGES!

3) Another important goal is media exposure. We started by attempting to get on the Dr. Phil show, not because I think he’s going to be an advocate for our cause necessarily, but because we need the exposure. We have since succeeded in involving at least 3 radio hosts in publicizing our widespread injustice and the harm done to Moms, children and families. This is only the beginning.

4) Obviously, the group has tripled in size since we started out—with 200 members within the first 2 weeks! Thank you for adding not just other Moms but family members and concerned women who are not necessarily in our exact situation but recognize this is a problem that can affect them, AND men as well. We need help from men. Thank you to open-minded men.

I want to thank everyone in this group. I maintain that whether or not I have personal differences with people, I will always help other Moms who find themselves oppressed by the Justice system in like manner with the rest of us—and I have done so and will continue to do so. I want to thank you for not expecting instantaneous results. I realize we’ve had some projects that we have no way to measure the impact of, because to-date we’ve had no response. Thank you for your patience and long-suffering.

This group works BECAUSE we recognize and respect the great pain and suffering and torment we are all feeling, being separated from our children. We are committed to sticking this out for our children, to not giving up. We are dedicated to supporting each other! Hooray for us! Hooray for the reform of the American family AND the American justice system.

Keep up the fight, Moms! I love you all.


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