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Burnt Out, Going on Vacation!

I am taking a break. There is something that I need to do to get my OWN daughter back that I have been putting off for close to 2 weeks to help other people.

I never promised ANYONE smooth sailing, or a rose garden, or whatever you think I owe you. Anyone who’s unhappy with my leadership, I’ll give you a full-money-back guaranteed refund right now. There’s the door.

I’ll be back Tuesday to help out with the Event for that day. Aside from that, there are other Admins who may choose to answer your questions or whatever, but clearly I am overwhelmed at the moment and I’m stepping back until at least Friday or next Sunday or however long it takes to finish my OWN paperwork to get my daughter back.

Anyone who wants to help ME out (and you know who you are), you know how to reach me off FaceBook. For the time being, I am burnt out. Thanks.


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