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Who is My Friend? – Sunday Message

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to pick and choose. We could be friends with EVERYONE without fear. As the founder of JSM, I have had to moderate comments and posts and be the gatekeeper of who is allowed to be a member and who is not.

I have had to make difficult choices, to be sure. All of us are fortunate that FaceBook has the option of making groups “secret” because we have the freedom to speak frankly about things most of us can’t tell people in ordinary life. Many of us are careful about who is on our Friends list.

Consider the following carefully, as it applies to your own life:
1) Do you consider everyone in your family a “friend”?
2) If you told someone a secret and they went around to other people without your permission and blabbed something you said in confidence, would THAT person continue to be your friend?
3) If you had a mutual friend and that person betrayed you and your friend said, “that’s YOUR problem, she’s still MY friend,” would THAT person continue to be your friend?

This is all about trust. Here’s my fourth and final contributing factor… if I go out of my way to help you out of a sticky situation, and then when YOU’RE supposed to return the favor and help someone else, are you… too busy?

Certain members of this group have been helped by Call-In Events in the past. They are now at liberty to conduct their affairs however they please. They can certainly wear other colors besides orange and take 10 minutes of their time on a given day to call in for another Mom who has an event. Yet, they don’t. We Moms notice. It gradually undermines the effectiveness of the Call-In Events that we do, to have individuals we’ve helped simply go their way, looking out for Number One. We ALL have to help each other.

Certain OTHER members of this group had events they put on for their own organizations that I encouraged people to participate in (a certain UN petition I remember hounding people to email in their cases back in August), yet I can’t get this individual to take 2 minutes of her time to ADD HERSELF to my MSNBC discussion group. Hmm.

Excuses aren’t cutting it, Ladies. You two certain people are NOT the only Moms whose kids matter. I’m calling you out, here and now, just as our Savior did when he asked, “Do you love Me? FEED MY SHEEP.”


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