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Insufficient Indication of Judicial Misconduct

Heard from both states’ Judicial Conduct commissions today as I’m working on my next Filing… some of you might find it oddly coincidental and ironic.

New York says “[We have] concluded that there was insufficient indication of judicial misconduct to justify judicial discipline [and we have dismissed your complaint].” The proof I sent them is in our Files in this group, marked parts 1-3. Those of you who have read it seem to agree that the judge in my case CLEARLY did not follow the law or abide by courtroom procedure.

The kids in the chatrooms today don’t say “uh – oh” they say “O.o

O.o I think my SKIN is turning blue! O.o

I have gotten a certified copy of my Judge’s oath today from county records for the price of a second-run movie on a peak night ($5). I will post this instruction to everyone who has joined a State PM Coalition. If you have not yet joined, please speak to M* or J*. You might be able to save yourself $5 and contribute to the effort of getting these judges removed.


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