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Worse than having cancer

S* writes: “My story that one day my son will be able to tell how he saved me to be a mother to him and to his 3 older siblings and I saved him, because the gift of life is far more precious than we all could ever imagine!

“Losing my 3 older kids is way worse than the sickness and surgeries from the cancer. I’ve been cancer free since 2013!”

S* is an amazing human being! At the time she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told to abort her baby or her own life would be at risk, but she made the choice to carry her child full-term while she was fighting for her own life!

Mothers give so much to their children and to the societies the children create as they grow. Don’t we deserve to be blessed with good health? Certainly our children wish that for us. Moms who have their children abducted, who are accused falsely in family court and punished unjustly are subjected to tremendous physical and mental stress. My own kidneys have been failing since 2011, and a month after my own daughter was abducted, I had to have a perfectly good tooth pulled because my gums were inflamed. So many other mothers being mauled by abusive ex husbands in court have likewise suffered declining health.

BRIEF UPDATE: After having her 13-year-old daughter removed from her home and given by the judge in her case to an ex-boyfriend who is NOT a blood relative, S* is now struggling with Parkinson’s Disease.


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