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When NOT to go to Court

I have a question for N* concerning when it’s appropriate for someone to NOT show up to their court hearing…

When someone from, say, Wisconsin, is ordered to show up in Georgia for a custody hearing, and it’s a foregone conclusion that the woman will be put in jail for an undisclosed period of time, do you still recommend the person show up for incarceration? Keep in mind, these charges are trumped up and falsified, generally speaking, and the Judges aren’t letting the women defend themselves.

Or, for example, someone who’s been granted asylum in Canada is ordered to come down for a hearing in Illinois and she knows she’ll be arrested and jailed just for showing up? Do you recommend she show up at the hearing anyway?

There is a formula here. It’s an effective Mousetrap for Moms, and I just want to know your professional opinion, N*.


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