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M* posts: “I tried to report that my children had been molested by the foster home that they stayed in on 7 different occasions. Not one time was I taken seriously because I was angry and crying.

“I was told that I wasn’t taken seriously because of the way I say things, not because of what I am saying. I think this is discrimination, isn’t it?”

Actually, the same thing happened when I went to Utah to report that my daughter had been molested while on parent time with her father. I didn’t say HE did it. We are required by law to report child molestation, and I presented an affidavit of a witness.

However, the Commissioner ignored what I had filed because he said my papers had been filed incorrectly, and that non-lawyers were held to the same standard as lawyers in the courtroom because lawyers deserve to be paid for their work. So, instead of investigating my allegations of neglect and endangerment and considering my petition to modify parent time, the Commissioner dismissed my case on a technicality.



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