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Can We Make This Happen?

W* writes: “I would like to charter a bus to go to Tallahassee for women to testify before the committees on 3 remaining alimony/family bills.

“A bus holds 55-57 people. No driving, No hotels rooms etc. If you work the day before you can sleep on the bus. It would be history-making and unheard of for 57 people to show up and testify for ANY bill.

“These bills are being fast-tracked and we don’t have the luxury of waiting until January. We have to kill it in committee. If you are unfamiliar with the way things work in the legislature you may think that we have time. WE DON’T.

“I can’t afford to charter a bus by myself or I would, but if 57 women went, it would be less than $100 each, and you could even sponsor someone if you are not able to come.

“We have to put our money and energy where our mouths are. If WE cannot sacrifice for this issue, then who will? For one day, $100 is a small sacrifice. The cost of each person will probably be less (approxmately $80) but I left wiggle room.

“I am researching and contacting charter bus companies now. I am working out the details now. CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? IT IS NOT THAT COMPLICATED.”

Several Moms in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and the surrounding areas commented that they would like to go.


At wits’ end

H* writes: “Just need to rant for a second…I’m so ready to give up, there is simply no justice in the family court system! My abuser shares 50/50 custody and decision making of our 2 children with me, we have been divorced for over 3 years. He has been in contempt of EVERYTHING since the ink dried, he however can legally continue to abuse me and our children with NO consequences.

“He has taken me back to court numerous times for frivolous motions and modifications, we just had another trial on Thursday that was to be a full day but ended up being a half day. I thought this was going to finally be over, nope…continued until January, 2 more months! I just can’t take anymore, my children can’t take anymore, my health can’t take anymore, I can’t afford this financially or emotionally.”

OMG how many of us ARE there???

I’m just seeing comments from new people EVERYWHERE, saying to myself, UNBELIEVABLE….

Just wanted to let you know that all those news items I used to post to this group I’ve been posting to our MSNBC sister newsgroup. When you get brave enough and you want the world to see you (or at least MSNBC), please consider clicking on the link below. Create a profile, and comment on a few of the 40+ stories I’ve posted to the group so far… or at least, vote them up. Until we get a journalist or major news network involved, THAT is how we will get exposure!

Thanks. Hope you all had an AMAZING Halloween!

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