Reform Rochester Now!

Making city and citizens self-sustaining

At wits’ end

H* writes: “Just need to rant for a second…I’m so ready to give up, there is simply no justice in the family court system! My abuser shares 50/50 custody and decision making of our 2 children with me, we have been divorced for over 3 years. He has been in contempt of EVERYTHING since the ink dried, he however can legally continue to abuse me and our children with NO consequences.

“He has taken me back to court numerous times for frivolous motions and modifications, we just had another trial on Thursday that was to be a full day but ended up being a half day. I thought this was going to finally be over, nope…continued until January, 2 more months! I just can’t take anymore, my children can’t take anymore, my health can’t take anymore, I can’t afford this financially or emotionally.”


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