Reform Rochester Now!

Making city and citizens self-sustaining

A single mom fights local and national corruption

The girl is mother of the woman This girl was raised that when you find a mess, you don’t walk away, complaining that someone else is responsible, you clean it up. This woman needs concerned citizens to help her clean up some pretty big messes. Among other misclassified social problems, our higher education standards must be scrutinized, and for-profit healthcare and lawyering in the United States MUST BE ABOLISHED.


I am living through some interesting times. You will not be bored reading about my adventures. If you’re a single parent, if you’re a taxpayer, if you feel left out, if you’re struggling to make ends meet, and if you’re unhappy with the world the way it is and you want things to get better, the things I write about can happen to you and they probably will if they haven’t already, so enjoy the free advice and participate by posting your comments.

Links to Rochester IndyMedia articles

Being a Rochester City landlord: the Department of Human Services really knows how to make paying overhead difficult, but there may be something in it for them. Now that I can’t pay my city property taxes, does anyone care that I’ve overpaid them for the past 4 years? RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION OF INNOVATORS, LEADERS, DREAMERS AND GAME-CHANGERS: What to do about the deficiencies in Public Education system when your country is as broke as you are. Barack Obama’s victory speech, recited by an 8 year old girl from memory. What FDR had to say about corporate swindlers and public access to health care, and how his words can make you a better parent and a happier citizen today. SINGLE MOTHERS AT WAR: What is patriotism and service to your country if your family doesn’t come first? Helpful advice for single mothers from my tenure in the School of Hard Knocks, some basic essentials to keep in mind when dealing with attorneys, e.g., what a Divorce Decree really is and how to hire your own Process Server (very important!) On a lighter note, if you really enjoyed my children’s stories, click here for a much shorter story about Lemurs.


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