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Who is My Friend? – Sunday Message

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to pick and choose. We could be friends with EVERYONE without fear. As the founder of JSM, I have had to moderate comments and posts and be the gatekeeper of who is allowed to be a member and who is not.

I have had to make difficult choices, to be sure. All of us are fortunate that FaceBook has the option of making groups “secret” because we have the freedom to speak frankly about things most of us can’t tell people in ordinary life. Many of us are careful about who is on our Friends list.

Consider the following carefully, as it applies to your own life:
1) Do you consider everyone in your family a “friend”?
2) If you told someone a secret and they went around to other people without your permission and blabbed something you said in confidence, would THAT person continue to be your friend?
3) If you had a mutual friend and that person betrayed you and your friend said, “that’s YOUR problem, she’s still MY friend,” would THAT person continue to be your friend?

This is all about trust. Here’s my fourth and final contributing factor… if I go out of my way to help you out of a sticky situation, and then when YOU’RE supposed to return the favor and help someone else, are you… too busy?

Certain members of this group have been helped by Call-In Events in the past. They are now at liberty to conduct their affairs however they please. They can certainly wear other colors besides orange and take 10 minutes of their time on a given day to call in for another Mom who has an event. Yet, they don’t. We Moms notice. It gradually undermines the effectiveness of the Call-In Events that we do, to have individuals we’ve helped simply go their way, looking out for Number One. We ALL have to help each other.

Certain OTHER members of this group had events they put on for their own organizations that I encouraged people to participate in (a certain UN petition I remember hounding people to email in their cases back in August), yet I can’t get this individual to take 2 minutes of her time to ADD HERSELF to my MSNBC discussion group. Hmm.

Excuses aren’t cutting it, Ladies. You two certain people are NOT the only Moms whose kids matter. I’m calling you out, here and now, just as our Savior did when he asked, “Do you love Me? FEED MY SHEEP.”


Burnt Out, Going on Vacation!

I am taking a break. There is something that I need to do to get my OWN daughter back that I have been putting off for close to 2 weeks to help other people.

I never promised ANYONE smooth sailing, or a rose garden, or whatever you think I owe you. Anyone who’s unhappy with my leadership, I’ll give you a full-money-back guaranteed refund right now. There’s the door.

I’ll be back Tuesday to help out with the Event for that day. Aside from that, there are other Admins who may choose to answer your questions or whatever, but clearly I am overwhelmed at the moment and I’m stepping back until at least Friday or next Sunday or however long it takes to finish my OWN paperwork to get my daughter back.

Anyone who wants to help ME out (and you know who you are), you know how to reach me off FaceBook. For the time being, I am burnt out. Thanks.

Wrongfully Incarcerated Mom released after 13 years

M* writes: “Our prayers are being answered. My friend is free. An innocent mother incarcerated for 13 years was just been released. Another terrible story of injustice. She was a civil rights attorney falsely accused. Won an acquittal then went back to prison. Has lost all contact with the children she was fighting for. If you live on the East Coast and have any knowledge of resources, housing, or employment please let me know. You can send a pm or email REDACTED. Thank you.”

If you’re reading this, you may be shocked to know that mothers have been wrongfully denied custody, deprived ALL visitation and even incarcerated for DECADES simply for doing what every American citizen is required to do by law, which is report sexual abuse of children!

The children are left in the sole care of their abusers, who tell them “your Mom is a criminal, see? or else the nice judge would have sent her to jail.” If you ever find yourself wondering why there are so many people in this world who don’t seem to know right from wrong, ask yourself how you would have turned out if your mother had been taken away during your formative years.


The Other Half of the Human Race – Sunday Message

Ladies, you and I have the power to change the world… TODAY. It doesn’t matter what the “judges” say. I want to remind you of Paradise Island, where Wonder Woman went to visit her mom and sisters.

Some of you are old enough to remember this 1970s TV series, starring Linda Carter. Maybe you even saw the 2-part Feminine Mystique episode, where Drusilla accidentally reveals the location of Paradise Island to the Nazis who want to go there to harvest Feminism. Wonder Woman must return home to protect her people. (OK, I changed the spelling just a little.)

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that human life is sacred, and we need to find rituals that mean something to us. The standard hierarchies we’ve grown accustomed to where men are dominant and women are submissive are not meeting our needs. This group has, in essence, become OUR “Paradise Island” and we guard it jealously. Meanwhile, in our day-to-day lives we are shocked to run up against men who are fighting with us!

Why are men so mean? Well, I’m going to blow your minds today by suggesting that imprisonment begins between your ears. Let yourselves out of the jail someone else built for you and try to imagine men who are deviant in a GOOD way. I let one of them into our group yesterday. He’s a Submissive. I capitalized it to help you recognize the significance of a role a man consciously chose by which to relate to Women.

I wanted him to eventually feel comfortable enough to tell his story, but a hyper-vigilant member of this Group OUTED him in a way designed to destroy both him and the integrity of this group. This particular member is someone who is in the Father’s Liberation Army and I called her out but re-added her again. Maybe she was getting even with me, I don’t know.

I took him out temporarily because I realized that changing our concept of Manhood is essential for ALL OF US in this group and for mothers, sisters and daughters everywhere. I need to invite you all to do this in a formalized way. This guy’s rituals may seem jarring to you AND me, but again, everything has a purpose. Can we open our minds to new ways of relating?

It is not reasonable to expect all the men on Earth to go away. We need to change the family dynamic. I said, “control your reproduction” I never said “eliminate all men.” Do you approve me adding a submissive man to JSM?

3 Month Anniversary Update

Member Moms—roughly 12 hours ago to the minute is exactly 3 calendar months from the day I created JSM. I just want to take a minute to acknowledge how far we’ve come from that day.

I myself am told that I’ve changed a lot. I’ve calmed down quite a bit since finding out there are so many women who share my circumstance of losing a child in a rigged family court system. I look back at my dreams and goals for this group, including the fulfillment of ideas others have suggested to me over the past 12 weeks. Here is our progress to-date:

1) Since mid-August, we have done phone-in events for Moms in over their heads in a system where they just can’t seem to win or make any headway. Phone calls to court houses all over this country on the day of a hearing have the effect of making a judge stop and consider: Am I breaking the law? That is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing a judge can understand before s/he takes up the gavel in any of our cases: first, that specific laws on the books are being violated, and second, that people ALL OVER the United States are aware of how these judges are ruling.

2) Someone suggested to me that we divide up into regional groups where moms in a specific area can sit in the court room during other moms’ hearings. I took it a step further and recently I’ve been trying to determine which states are represented in this group and where we need more representation. The results are that, over this past week I have formed 17 state coalitions to demand accountability. Organizing by state forces accountability by stressing laws specific to that state and focusing on how and where and in what manner these laws are being broken—by JUDGES!

3) Another important goal is media exposure. We started by attempting to get on the Dr. Phil show, not because I think he’s going to be an advocate for our cause necessarily, but because we need the exposure. We have since succeeded in involving at least 3 radio hosts in publicizing our widespread injustice and the harm done to Moms, children and families. This is only the beginning.

4) Obviously, the group has tripled in size since we started out—with 200 members within the first 2 weeks! Thank you for adding not just other Moms but family members and concerned women who are not necessarily in our exact situation but recognize this is a problem that can affect them, AND men as well. We need help from men. Thank you to open-minded men.

I want to thank everyone in this group. I maintain that whether or not I have personal differences with people, I will always help other Moms who find themselves oppressed by the Justice system in like manner with the rest of us—and I have done so and will continue to do so. I want to thank you for not expecting instantaneous results. I realize we’ve had some projects that we have no way to measure the impact of, because to-date we’ve had no response. Thank you for your patience and long-suffering.

This group works BECAUSE we recognize and respect the great pain and suffering and torment we are all feeling, being separated from our children. We are committed to sticking this out for our children, to not giving up. We are dedicated to supporting each other! Hooray for us! Hooray for the reform of the American family AND the American justice system.

Keep up the fight, Moms! I love you all.

Federal Trafficking update

I guess I just assumed everyone already knew this because I posted Federal Trafficking laws up back in July. But here is a post I drafted up at someone’s request in another group. I’m going to put it here, as well:

Someone needs to let President Obama know that the Fathers’ Rights Initiative promotes human trafficking and runs contrary to federal statutes.
Denying child support to force a woman to provide free childcare to her own or other offspring is human trafficking. It’s forcing women to work for free. How many of you were told by the fathers of your children, “why should I pay child support to you when I could hire a Governess for cheaper and our daughter could live in MY home? Or, heck, I could marry a Mexican woman or some Latina and she’d be so happy to be an American citizen she’d watch our daughter for free.” My active duty soldier ex husband said those very words to me, and they are the definition of human trafficking.
* * * *
Human trafficking does not refer solely to sexual exploitation of women and children, but often our young daughters and sons live with their fathers in a condition of perpetual statutory rape. This practice can now be Court-mandated at the local level, thanks to President Obama’s sponsorship and funding of Fathers’ Rights Initiatives at the federal level.

Good men exist!

S* writes: “This is for all the ladies in this group who, like me, thought ALL hope is lost in love. I KNOW it’s hard now, but God will send you someone to walk with you through this Hell on Earth!

“My only husband was sent to jail for 15 days last year, and weeping, I had to bring him there. He told me, ‘Babe, I can make it in here. You can’t. God sent me for a reason.’ Mothers, for us it is like Job in the Bible, with God telling Satan ‘take ALL they have but spare their lives.’ My husband got sent to jail because my judge, like Satan, hated that while on the stand he calmly testified about the domestic violence my children and I suffered at the hands of my ex boyfriend.

“See? There are men who are NOT abusers, and who care for women!”

I have to say that I also have a good man in MY life, who cooks for me and washes my dishes and helps me with housework and fixes things that break and reminds me of my blessings when I feel sad and helps me hold my life together! Without men like THIS, where would we be?

Can good works get you into Heaven? – Sunday Message

I thought it would be good to start today’s Message with that question. Duh, the answer is “No, you can’t earn Salvation.” We’ve all heard this, I’m sure. However, the Apostle James tells us: “Show me your faith WITHOUT your works and I’ll show you My Faith BY my works.”

I personally come from a Saxon background. Even though my dad was an Atheist, my neighborhood was Lutheran, and I went to Bible camp and participated in Christmas and Easter pageants at church and everything else. Several Sundays ago, I talked about the cultural significance of religion in our daily lives and in our families, how we’re influenced by the Protestant Work Ethic, how in many ways it has become the fabric of our society regardless of what you or I personally thinks about God.

I guess that’s why, when I finally lost custody of my daughter, I “put my shoulder to the Wheel,” as they say, and tried to look at what I could do for others. There is nothing more I can do for myself; now, who ELSE can I help? And the first thing I wanted to do for other Moms was give them a voice, since I felt as though the American legal system had taken mine away. And since this group was formed in July, I have thrown my whole weight into moving this Wheel forward for you and me and for our kids.

Today, we examined Hebrews 11:1 which says “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I can clearly see, as though it were happening in front of my face, my daughter going to School of the Arts. I can see her on the steps just as if her father had never taken her away. This is not reality, but it is my persistent inexplicable faith that I will get her back. And, I keep struggling with this Wheel!

There has been significant progress. We did the Postcard project. Many moms in our group got a response back from Dr. Phil. This group is full of radio personalities and authors and we even have a member who is running for Senate in California! Best of all, we now have calendar Events, which was my main goal for this group when I first created it nearly 3 months ago. Currently, we have more than 10 Events scheduled, having started in August, and I expect in a group that has more than 600 members, we will soon be glutted with requests to schedule them. And it is time consuming and painstaking work putting an Event together correctly so we can all advocate for each Mom on her day in court so we can be sure she gets what she needs.

There are four steps to setting up a court Event for a Mom who is a member of this group. I cannot delegate Steps 2 & 3, which involve adding and editing content and coming up with a Script that details specific offenses committed by judges and other court personnel against the Moms for whom we advocate. Step 4 I already delegated at our last Event because I was at work. This involves monitoring Moms calling in to advocate and finding out who is getting through and what is the response, whether the phone numbers are working, etc. Anyone can help with that, preferably Admins.

Only Admins can help with Step 1, and it is simple to do. All you need is to find out the Name of the Event, its Location, the Date and the Time. Add me and the name of the person the event is for as Hosts. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it takes 5 minutes. If you have all the information, it takes roughly 90 seconds, and you’re done! I will know the Event is ready for Step 2 because I will see your Profile Pic as the image for that Event. That will tell me it is ready for adding content.

Moms who have a court hearing coming up, you can help CONSIDERABLY by giving this information at the time you request an Event. I want to do events for ALL moms in this group. I don’t want ANYONE to miss out. But I need help!

Why ME, God? – Sunday Encouragement

Some of you must ask yourselves, “Why, God, did you pick ME to have my child taken away?”

Your Creator knows what you’re made of, what you are capable of, what you have to offer. He knows that complacency and comfort removes our drive to help others… this is the time do do what God put you here to do, and to share what God put you here to share.

One member commented: “You are ABSOLUTELY right- Faith isn’t faith until it’s been tested. Counting it all joy can be SO HARD when losing children and facing being arrested! I thank God for THIS support group of powerhouse moms, MAKING A DIFFERENCE because of the changes and differences that came to us all.

“We won’t stop. We can’t stop, and the world will be greater. Our children are greater because we refused to stop pushing forward. Instead, we keep pressing, keep trusting Him, and Keep Up the Fight!”

She who hath an ear…

Someone took Pope Francis’ words from Thursday night and twisted their meaning thoroughly. It reminded me of the parable of the sower.

Whether or not we receive the Word of God depends on the condition of our hearts and NOT on the interpretation of the world, which seeks to steal our joy.

Today, one of our Catholic members, C* wrote: “Heard these words from our priest’s sermon today. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live by these words? Someone would be paying for the sins against the family: ‘If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.’

“And from the Pope ‘Trust in God’s providence, in the face of any challenge.’ From your mouth to God’s ears, Pope Francis.”

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